Cosmic Catnip Double Wide Cardboard Cat Scratcher


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Cosmic Catnip™ Double Wide Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Scratching is the cat’s natural method of removing the sheath to maintain healthy claws. A cat’s claws continue to grow throughout its life, and if not given relief, your cat will begin to have behavior issues. In nature, cats will scratch trees or logs, so in the house, cats often turn to furniture as a substitute. Sprinkling a generous amount of Cosmic Catnip™ onto the Cosmic Catnip™ Alpine Double Wide Cat Scratcher will encourage frequent scratching and redirect the behavior away from furniture.


  • Made in the USA
  • Provides an extra wide, flat scratching space
  • Includes a bag of genuine Cosmic Catnip™
  • Redirects scratching from furniture while grooming claws
  • Reversible corrugated cardboard for double the scratching life
  • Ideal angle for scratching

Item Specifications:

18″L x 10″W x 2″D

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