Guardian Gear Pet Retreat – Green


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Give your pet a lift from the hard ground with the Guardian Gear Pet Retreat to keep pets cool, dry, and comfortable.

  • Durable cot keeps pets elevated off the ground, structured cover protects pets from the elements
  • Back mesh window provides ventilation
  • Cot and cover are made from water-resistant polyester
  • Frame is metal with PVC coating withstand all elements
  • touch fastener® fasteners ensure a secure, taut fit
  • Easy to assemble in minutes with hardware included

Why We Love It:

really is a “pup tent”! Our Guardian Gear Pet Retreats keep pets
elevated from the ground and protected from the elements. Cots with
water-resistant covers assemble easily in minutes with hardware
Made of PVC-coated metal frame with polyester cot and cover. Spot clean with damp cloth.

Guardian Gear Pet Retreat Assembly Instructions

A) Base Frame (1)
B) Cover (1)
C) Roof Support Bars (3)
D) Arched Frames (2)
E) Long Bolts (4)
F) Short Bolts (6)
G) Cap Nuts (4)
H) Hex Wrench (1)
I) Box-End Wrench (1)

  1. Align the holes on the ends of the arched frame with the holes on
    the base frame. Make sure the touch fastener® edges of the base frame
    face the ground.
  2. Attach each end of the arched frame to each end of the base frame,
    using the long bolts and nuts provided. Use the included hex wrench and
    box wrench to tighten them.
  3. Attach the three roof support bars using the short bolts provided. Use the hex wrench to tighten them.
  4. Stretch the cover over the assembled frame.
  5. Fasten the cover to the base frame by pressing the touch fastener®
    strip on the bottom edge of the cover to the touch fastener® strip on
    the underside of the base frame.
  6. Use the touch fastener® tabs at the front edges to completely secure the cover to the base frame.
  7. Place on a stable, level surface.
  8. X-Large
    • Length: 48″
    • Pets Weighing: 200lbs.
    • Width: 36″

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